Maximize the return on your home investment

As the home seller, the sale price of your home affects your bottom line. Maximize your home value and strengthen your negotiation position with an inspection before your home is listed on the market.


Avoid unexpected delays in the selling process

Buyer inspections can reveal problems that catch you off guard and stall the closing process. Minimize the impact of these situations with the reassurance of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection.

A Certified Professional with the proper training will fully assess the important systems and features of your property. With this expertise on your side, the entire selling process can become a much smoother experience with lower risk and less uncertainty for potential buyers.




Preparing for the Pre-Listing Inspection

  • Clean-up as much as possible so inspectors can easily see and evaluate areas of the home.
  • Utilities must be connected in order for home systems to be properly tested.
  • Appliances should be in working order to be assessed.
  • Ensure your address is easy to find with numbers highly visible from the street.
  • Remove exterior obstructions and seasonal brush from around the home.



What Is Evaluated During My Inspection?