A new home is a large investment. Make your purchase with confidence.

Without a professional buyer’s inspection, your new home purchase may include hidden problems. As one of the largest investments you may make in your life, protect your home buying experience by identifying any potential pitfalls before you close on the property.



Avoid unexpected surprises and costly repairs

The home buying process and planning your move can be stressful enough. Minimize the impact with the reassurance of a Pre-Purchase Home Inspection.

A Certified Professional with the proper training will fully assess the important aspects of your preferred home. With this expertise on your side, the entire home-buying process can become a better experience with lower risk and less uncertainty.






Identify potentially dangerous safety hazards

Pre-Purchase Home inspections not only help with identifying potentially costly repairs, they also help to asses any safety issues that may exist within your property.

Poorly installed appliances, lead pipes, outdated electrical systems, and more can threaten the safety of your family members. Structural problems, fire hazards and hazardous materials can be identified and remediated with a professional home inspection – before the damage is done.



What Is Evaluated During My Inspection?