Avoid the damaging effects of termites

Termites can do serious damage to the wooden joints and other areas of your home. Over time, the structures lose integrity and result in costly repairs and reconstruction. Identifying and resolving termite infestations will help to maintain your home long-term, as well as protect your financial investment.

The best preventative measure is a thorough, professional inspection. Termite inspections from Thorson Home Inspections include evaluation of the following areas: garage, sink, attic, crawlspace, shed, carport, decks, fences and arbors.


What to Expect

Prior to your inspection, move any obstructions that may prevent the technician from clearly viewing the under sink area, garage joints, the attic and the crawl space.

During the inspection, technicians will be looking for tell-tale signs of termites including mud tubes, wood damage, live inspects, buckling paint and swarming activity among others.

The average termite inspection takes about 45 minutes to complete. The amount of time can vary depending upon the size of your home and the number of wooden structures.